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Monitoring & Automation

Modern agriculture, food and pharmaceutical production, transportation and storage, industrial monitoring, building automation and even securing, monitoring and automating private premises - in all and more, online wireless sensors & actuators networks play nowadays a fundamental role.

Why wireless? Properly designed online wireless solutions are less complicated to install and maintain and in many cases are less expensive compared with a traditional wired solution. They can easily be scaled up or down when necessary and can, in some cases, provide a solution where installation of a wired systems is impractical.

Why IWD? Established in 2008, IWD’s online wireless solution, tailored to a variety of applications, is widely used worldwide. Military grade, long range, long battery life, high immunity to interference and strong data security kind of radio, used as a building block to create professional online networks of wireless sensors and actuators.

IWD’s wireless networks are accessible via an online friendly and intuitive interface. Configuring the operation of field endpoints, setting thresholds, sending commands or running a maintenance program are all performed in a matter of a few mouse clicks.

Ease of Maintenance

Tracking the health of large and complex wireless networks and troubleshooting them when something goes wrong is often challenging, in particular when a network is installed in a rural area, remote industrial station or other hard to reach locations. This is where strong diagnostic tools become critical for an effective service and maintenance operation.

Simple and intuitive graphical view enables a service technician to quickly identify weak and problematic elements of the wireless network and take an immediate corrective action, like manually rerouting a node via a different route or scheduling a field visit.

Whether installed in a rural field in India or large industrial facility in Russia, an ongoing background statistical analysis of the traffic provides detailed diagnostic data, such as redundant routes / single point of failure links, immunity to link attenuation, packet error rate, connect / disconnect statistics, transmission power, health of battery and more on each and every node of the network, enabling a service entity to identify troubles and address them well in advance.


Ranging from simple monitoring of low cost, high accuracy integrated temperature and humidity sensors, IWD’s device portfolio provides solutions for a broad range of industrial grade sensors, compatible with RTD, 4-20mA or 0-2V output types, and a broad range of industrial relay switches, solenoid valves and other actuator types.

Easily adapted to a variety of applications, devices' operation parameters such as sample and report periods, thresholds for generating alert messages, actuators' activation programs or rules for triggering actions on predefined conditions are all remotely programmable.

Whether a notification when a refrigerator goes out of order is all what you are looking for or if you own a storage facility and looking for an off the shelf end to end monitoring solution or whether you are looking for a customized wireless OEM solution to be integrated into your company's own systems, make sure to check us out first. For more information, contact us at info@iwd.co.il