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Modern agriculture, food and pharmaceutical production, transportation and storage, industrial monitoring, building automation and even securing, monitoring and automating private premises - in all, online wireless sensors & actuators networks play nowadays a fundamental role.

IWD’s wireless networks are accessible via an online friendly and intuitive interface. Configuring the operation of field endpoints, setting thresholds, sending commands or running a maintenance program are all performed in a matter of a few mouse clicks.

Why wireless? Properly designed online wireless solutions are less complicated to install and maintain and in many cases are less expensive compared with a traditional wired solution. They can easily be scaled up or down when necessary and can, in some cases, provide a solution where installation of a wired systems is impractical.

Why IWD? Established in 2008, IWD’s online wireless solution, tailored to a variety of applications, is widely used worldwide. Military grade, long range, long battery life, high immunity to interference and strong data security radio, used as a building block to create professional online networks of wireless sensors and actuators.